Services and Prices


Please see below for more information about the services we offer






Group Walk                                                   £12

Individual Walk                                           £16 

Day care                                                         £20

Puppy/Elderly Dog Visit                            £10




Initial Visit – Free


On this non-walk visit I will come to your home and introduce myself to you and your dog. I will explain the services offered and can answer any questions you may have.  There is no obligation to this initial visit.  This is a time to discuss any requirements your dog may have and to arrange their first walk or visit.


Group Walk  (Min 1 hour)


Dogs are walked twice a day (morning or afternoon) in small groups of up to 5. Each walk lasts a minimum of an hour, giving plenty of time for fun, exercise and socialisation. Each walk begins and ends with dogs on leads to provide structure and to encourage bonding. During the walk dogs with good recall are exercised off lead with the owner’s  consent. We walk in quiet and safe areas away from traffic. Transportation to and from your home is included in the price and not deducted from walk time. After the walk your dog will be dried and cleaned if required and I will replenish water and food if necessary.



Individual Walk (1 hour) 


We also offer individual walks for dogs who would prefer some one-on-one time. Individual walks generally last an hour but shorter walks can be arranged if required. They take place in the same areas as the group walks and dogs can be exercised off lead if you wish. Individual walks are subject to other scheduled commitments. 



Day Care (5 hours)


If you don’t want your best friend to be left at home alone during the day then this is the perfect option for you! Your dog will be picked up in the morning and will spend the day with me, enjoying two hour long walks, and will be dropped off happy and tired at the end of my working day. 


Puppy Visit (30 minutes)


If you have a puppy who has not yet received their final vaccination I can come to your home and provide care if you are out. Puppy visits last 30 minutes and include fun, games and cuddles. I will clean up any accidents if necessary and make sure they have food and water as required. I am also happy to continue any training that you are carrying out.


Elderly Dog Visit (30 minutes)


This is ideal for dogs that may not be able to keep up with the pace of a group walk. Similar to the puppy visit, I will come to your home to offer your dog some companionship. This visit lasts 30 minutes and I can take your dog for a short walk if you wish.  


We are very happy to meet your needs so if you don’t see the service that you are looking for listed here then please get in touch to see what can be arranged.